Sire and dam are the male and female parents of puppies, respectively.  One or more puppies are called a litter; sometimes a puppy is also called whelp.

A bitch is a female dog and when used for breeding, she is called a brood bitch.  The male dog used for breeding is called a stud dog.

For golden retriever puppy breeders like the Century Golds, it’s not always easy to select a stud dog.  We are concerned about health problems and whether they are capable to produce the traits that we need.

However, despite this lack of information, we can still find the sire, who will give us the best golden retriever puppy for sale.  We focus on knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the brood bitch. If she has great shape and structure, health, and temperament, finding the right sire would be easy.  If she has several faults and only some good traits, we need to make more research in finding the right sire.

We start our selection process, with a clear understanding of what we would like to see from the breeding and what the brood bitch has to offer.  Then we find out about the ancestral line of the bitch, to know what qualities she has and what she lacks. Like, for example, can she deliver the golden retriever puppy that we like

As soon as we have known the strengths and weaknesses, we develop a list of stud dog candidates by getting in touch with individuals, groups, and organizations, who are knowledgeable about the breed.  These could be other breeders, handlers, or judges.

The process takes time, so we see to it that we begin the search several months before the brood bitch has her heat cycle.  We screen the stud dog candidates, sort them and reduce to only the best 2 or 3.  We are aware that not all stud dogs are created eequal,and they differ based on their personality and appearance, quality of ancestral lineage, health history and the produced offspring. So, we must choose very carefully.