Things to bear in mind, before You Bring Home A Golden Retriever Puppy

Congratulations for purchasing the most popular dog breed in the US and beyond!  Soon your golden retriever puppy will arrive at your home; but before that, you’ll need to do some preparations.  Puppy proofing your home and garden should be first and foremost on your mind, to keep this fur ball safe and also your possessions.  Put every pair of shoes, electrical cords, and phones away.  Medicines and cleaning products should be secured inside the cabinets and poisonous plants, such as yew and foxglove should be removed.

Some things that your dark red or white golden retriever puppy needs should be ready:  dog food, bowls, a comfortable bed, a harness or a collar, ID tags and a leash. Your pooch should also have a crate to put it in, for short a duration of time, when you cannot watch it.  Give it a routine schedule for feeding, training and exercising and it will be able to adjust to its new home much faster.

The first week of the pup’s arrival will be a period of adjustment, not only for you and your household, but most especially for your golden retriever puppy. You see, its surroundings are unfamiliar and it’s away from its mom and littermates for the very first time; so, it’s obvious that it’ll make many mistakes.  This should not worry you, though. Just remember that your pup wants to please and it can be easily trained.

Most of the time during the adjustment period, your golden retriever puppy will be sleeping.  When it starts teething, you can give it chew toys and other things to play with, such as fetch and water friendly toys.  You can start training it for socialization and you will find it learning so easily.

Your pup needs lots of love. Give it lots of love, so that it becomes well-adjusted to you and your home and wouldn’t miss its mom and siblings.