Purchasing a new golden retriever puppy?  That’s a great idea and you don’t have to worry about how to get your young furry family member to you safely. 

Century Goldens offers a secure shipment from our place in the US to wherever you may be around the world. 

We have regular sales period and discount sales period; at which times you can come to pick up your purchased puppy to take home after the sale.  However, if it is not possible, he/she will most likely be traveling to you by plane.  Air travel is fast, reliable and cost effective and your puppy will get to you safely and in good condition. We do not do ground deliveries at this point of time, for obvious reasons.


We ship puppies in the entire US, as well as in Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia.  We use Pets on Board, which is an efficient pet courier. You can be assured that your golden retriever puppy will arrive to their forever home, without any problems.  Although the courier company does not accept pre bookings, you will however be provided with a reference/tracking number, at drop off time.

Some airlines do not accept puppies for shipment, so you need to check with them if they will ship puppies.  Also, if furry pets to be shipped are 12 weeks or older, they will need the anti-rabies shot.


Shipping Details
The shipping dates may be changed or delayed, due to uncontrollable circumstances.  Additionally, if you cannot come to the airport to pick up your puppy, you can assign someone to do it for you, however, you should let us know within 24 hours from date of shipment.

We will send you complete information that you need, after we have received your payment.  These should include flight details, pick up location, tracking number and others.  The waybill number will be emailed to you, once we have dropped the puppy off at the airport.

When in Transit
Shipping by air is fast and safe, which is why we deliver most of our puppies to their destinations, by plane.  They are placed in a spacious crate, so they can turn around, stand, play and sleep comfortably.  We always ensure that they are in a pressurized and temperature-controlled cabin.

Most of the flight, the puppy will just sleep; and play, when awake.  They have a bit of food with them inside and water will be supplied by the airline staff.


Picking Up at The Airport 
Within 20 – 45 minutes after the plane has arrived, you can pick the puppy up.  You’ll be required to show your identification and other related documents that were provided to you.   The pickup location depends on the airport, so it can be either at the Baggage Claims or the Ticket Counter.

When the puppy is handed to you, check the documents (in an envelope that travels with the puppy), including the health records.  Some optional things that you may want to bring to the airport include; puppy food, water, paper towel, a blanket and towel.  The Nutri-Cal is a must or any vitamin supplement; even honey will do.


Home Delivery
Within this period of the covid-19 pandemic, we do offer home delivery for free.


Additional notes: 
When they arrive, the puppy will not be, as clean as they were, when they are dropped off at the airport.  You can give them a bath, if they are not too scared or stressed.  If they are so, you can bathe the puppy the following day.