Check out what our buyers of golden retriever puppies, have to say about our puppies that we sold to them:

“Oh, what a beautiful little girl! Tonya, as we call her, this golden retriever puppy is growing up to be. She loves to eat, play, and run around. We will let you know how she is doing these coming days. She’s a happy golden retriever puppy, we got from you.”

Terri Lee, Arizona, America

“Our new baby, Pepper, has finished his potty training several days after he arrived. He sleeps soundly through the night but wakes up early because he wants to take a walk around the neighborhood. He is one handsome, smart, intelligent, and happy puppy. Our white golden retriever puppy is well travelled, too”

Shelly and Bob, Texas USA

“He likes to eat very much. Great appetite! Little Golden is his name and being an inside dog, he sleeps with me on the bed. He plays well with my other golden retriever puppies in the house and runs around, as fast as he can in the yard with them.”

Tammie White, Virginia, USA

“Carla is one little dog, who’s always in bliss and she will be 10 months old this week. She’s very friendly and loves everyone that she meets. She’s neither dependent nor clingy, but she loves being the cuddle bag. She’s very good-looking that people can’t help, but stare at her for a long time.”

Jonathan and Ellen, Ohio USA

“ We renamed our new baby Golden Budi and we adore her! Thank you, Century Goldens”

Rachel del Mundo, New York USA