Who doesn’t love a golden retriever?  We love these dogs so much, which has prompted us to start breeding, taking care of, training and selling the puppies around the US and all over the world.

We are a husband-and-wife team and we are a leading breeder of golden retriever puppies for sale in the US.  Our puppies start getting their training, before they are 7 weeks old and sold at 10 weeks, socialable and ready for their new homes.  Many of our golden retrievers have become great service and working therapy dogs.

Golden retrievers are wonderful family dogs, especially families with children.  They are intelligent, outgoing, trustworthy, easy to train and eager to please. Usually, they maintain their signature smile and fun loving characteristics, to their adulthood.  They grow to about 55-75 pounds and live typically to 10-12 years.

Century Goldens is among the best and most reputable breeders of golden retriever in the country, as we are really committed to maintain the highest quality. All our golden retriever baby puppies come with health certificates; issued by our veterinarian, ophthalmologist and heart specialist, giving you peace of mind that they are free from genetic hip, eye and heart diseases.

Golden retrievers are active dogs, being part of the group of sporting dogs. This is why they need exercise for at least an hour each day and they need to be trained to work, as hunting companions and as service dogs. Our 5-acre property in the US, is where our dogs run around, do their exercise and training.

We have cheap golden retriever puppies for sale and their colors range from light golden to cream, dark golden and white.   We have our regular sales offers and discount sales time on Saturdays.  We prefer that you come and pick them up from our place. However, if this is not possible because of distance, we can arrange their transport using Pets and Board, the finest transport company in the US.  The puppies’ safety is assured with them.

Oh, before we forget, we also have red golden retriever puppies for sale also.

Our puppies are matched with every home that is interested to buy any of them.  We do home checks and look at factors, such as your family, lifestyle and your daily routine.  Our puppies have been with us from birth, and we know them very well, so we can help you take a decision, as to which puppy would be a good match for you.