We are a reputable Golden Retriever puppy breeder and we are proud of our more than 10 years’ experience, breeding and selling puppies that are in the best health condition. If you are looking to buy golden retriever puppy, this is the right place for you. You can choose from our American, Canadian and British golden retrievers. 


Golden retrievers have a friendly and tolerant attitude, which is why they are considered to be among the most popular dogs in the United States and other countries.  They are great family pets and they can also become great working dogs.

You’ll love them to be in your family, being great with kids and so protective of humans. They are easy to train and get along with.  If you’re looking for a dog companion that’s loyal, loving and smart, you can’t go wrong, adding one of our puppies into your pack.

The Century Goldens has a 5-acre property in the US, where our pups run around on.  This is good for their physical exercise and they won’t feel restricted.  Our golden retriever puppies are the off springs of the greatest and largest dogs in the world, so they can be great and big themselves, too.

We are selling golden retriever puppies all around the world.  We are a kind of breeder, who work hard to deliver to you healthy and lovable puppies. We interview possible buyers and we do home checks as well.  It’s our policy to ensure that our golden retriever puppies are going to a loving and caring home.

Our golden retrievers for sale, both the puppies and the breeding stock, were subjected to health screening for heart, eye, elbow and hip diseases.  You can be sure that these puppies will come to you in good health, with certificates and clearances issued by certified medical professionals.

If you’re looking to find white golden retriever puppies for sale or any other color, there are some that you can find available on this website.


Golden Retriever puppies for sale


Please get in touch with us if you’re interested in any of our golden retriever puppies.  We will be happy to share with you any relevant information about them, including their attitude, training, exercise among others.  Remember, wherever you may be in the world, we can deliver to you your desired golden retriever puppy, so call us now.