Hey pet lovers, if you were looking for some of the best, biggest quality golden retriever puppy or dog, For Sale and some of the world’s best golden retriever babies than you have come to the right place! Our goal is to give our customers the best golden retriever money can buy! It’s the reason why we are one of these countries number one local breeders and exporters of golden retriever puppies in different colors as well! 

My wife and I have been breeding golden retriever for over 10 years in that time we have produced some of the most incredible golden retriever puppies and have truly fallen in love with this breed. We mostly specialize in American golden retriever and variations golden retriever such as Canadian and British golden retriever We are by no means so called “Back yard breeders;” We take pride in our dogs and take great care of them, being available at all time.  Spending most of our time with the dogs ensures that every single golden retriever gets exercise and cuddle time plus we put the time into making sure our customers are happy.

We are in the USA on five beautiful acres for the dogs to run around on but sell golden retriever puppies breeds all over the world.

All of our golden retriever is our family, so we never offer or sell adults for sale. The time we spend with every puppy really shows in their personalities and temperaments. From day one we handle the puppies and make sure they get taken care of in the best conditions. We also don’t sell the pups until they are 10 weeks old which makes sure they are mentally ready to go to their new homes; During this newborn phase the pups will be introduced to many new things including children, farm animals, cats other dogs and friends and family this helps to give the puppy confidence and make sure they are mentally stimulated.

Call any other kennel and ask them if they are full time breeders 99% of the time, they will say no! Now this is alright if they are just pet owners but when you have multiple dogs and have litters IT IS A FULL TIME BREEDERS JOB and not just a hobby! Our dogs are descended from some of the biggest and greatest dogs in the world and are one their ways to becoming the best in the world themselves. 

Golden Retriever puppies for sale

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